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EmbedWay Technologies (Shanghai) Corporation

EmbedWay Technologies is a leading provider of network visibility, intelligent system platforms, computing network solutions, and operation & maintenance technologies in China. It specializes in providing advanced products and solutions for telecom networks, industrial internet, and intelligent computing centers. The company is committed to enhancing customers' operational efficiency and security levels through technological innovation and professional services, supporting digital transformation and intelligent development across various industries.

The excellent team and products of EmbedWay have witnessed the rapid growth of the company. The company has established first-class R&D institutions in Shanghai, Wuhan and Wuxi etc, and established offices and service bases in many China cities to create a sense of quality and serve national customers. At the same time, the company actively explores the international market, establishes strategic partnerships with well-known international manufacturers, expands in-depth and extensive cooperation, and steadily promotes the company's internationalization process. Bringing high-quality products and services with high value to partners around the world.

We are looking forward to being "Your Trustworthy Partner". Helping customers succeed and constantly pursuing excellence will always be the driving force of EmbedWay Technologies.

Service Area

Wireless Network

Network & Communication

Cloud Computing

Help customers to success
Help customers to success

We insist on customer-centric, respond to customer’s requirements quickly, create long-term value constantly and help customers to success. “Improve with customers” is the best business mode. Helping customers is help ourselves.

Attention to details
Attention to details

We hold the belief of “engineer’s culture”, owning practical working style and paying attention to details. We value the contribution of each staff to the company and customers.

Creation and improvement
Creation and improvement

To meet the demands of customers, we actively improve and valiantly exploit, challenging ourselves unceasingly. Any advanced technology, product and solution won’t generate value until transferring to business success. We adhere to be oriented to customers’ requirements, and keep creating.


We believe credit is not only a personal characteristic, but also a basic business principle. We persist to win customers’ respect by communication and promises keeping with credit.


Active with positive attitudes, take responsibilities initiatively and view problems from different prospects. Teamwork not only means personal realization, others’ endorsement or inter-/cross-department efficiency improvement, but also stands for collaboration with customers.

R&D system
Full system product R&D capability
  • Hardware cost control, high-speed signal design, signal integrity, EMC/EMI, CPLD/FPGA

  • Software driver optimization, OS porting, UI design, network protocol stack

  • High-end carrier-grade structural design, consumer-grade appearance and structural design

  • DFx design capabilities

Perfect R&D system control
  • Complete product development process system

  • Supporting product quality control system

  • Meet High-grade supplier assessment certification requirements

Deep technical development background
  • 10 years of technology experience in switches, network processing, and wireless

  • ATCA/Appliance,Carrier/Enterprise grade
    product design and delivery capabilities

  • Senior technical team background from Tier1 Company in the communications industry

  • Technical invention patent and software copyright