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Why is passive tool visibility used?

The ability to efficiently monitor and manage networks is crucial for enterprises to consistently deliver needed service levels, maintain strong network security, and ensure timely deployment of IT assets within budgetary constraints. Continuous monitoring is essential for troubleshooting, security, and optimizing performance during network deployment and operation.

What are the benefits?

The strategic placement of network TAPs, positioned between your tools and the network layer, offers a more efficient approach to capture and transmit traffic to your tools. This implementation can significantly enhance the monitoring capabilities of your network infrastructure.

Network TAPs provide a passive and secure means of monitoring traffic, as they do not interfere with the network's operation and do not introduce any additional points of failure. By consistently and accurately capturing traffic data, network TAPs can help you identify network performance issues, security threats, and compliance violations in real-time. This can lead to faster incident response times and improved network reliability. In summary, implementing network TAPs can be a valuable addition to your network infrastructure monitoring strategy.

Furthermore, network TAPs can also assist in troubleshooting network issues by providing full visibility into network traffic. This allows network administrators to quickly locate the source of a problem and take appropriate action to resolve it. Additionally, network TAPs can aid in capacity planning and optimization by providing detailed insights into network usage patterns and identifying areas of congestion.

The EmbedWay passive tool visibility solution offers a cost-effective way to improve the performance of existing tools without the need for a substantial increase in budget. By optimizing these tools, organizations can maximize their return on investment (ROI) and achieve enhanced performance without significant financial implications.

The proposed solution offers the opportunity to improve both security and network monitoring tool performance. By eliminating redundant packets and filtering out irrelevant network data, which often make up more than 50% of network traffic, substantial enhancements can be achieved.


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