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Why is fixed network interception used?

With the rapid development of IP broadband networks, network services are currently experiencing a flourishing trend. In order to guarantee the stability, efficiency, health, and compliance of Internet services, it is imperative to conduct targeted analysis, review, and interception of network traffic. Nevertheless, in the face of tremendous traffic pressure, an effective system is required to rise to this challenge. EmbedWay offers a fixed network interception solution that caters to the demands of diverse service applications.

What are the benefits?

The Fixed network Interception system is a highly advanced traffic aggregation and distribution system that boasts a high density of interfaces, a wide range of working modes, flexible deployment options, and convenient maintenance capabilities. This system is typically installed between a telecom network and the global internet, and is designed to be adaptable to a diverse range of application environments, including network information monitoring, network application analysis, and lawful interception, etc.

This system is utilized by a network security agency to analyze and regulate user behavior. Its key functionalities include data flagging, aggregation, filtering, duplication, and load balancing output. It is particularly well-suited for high-density links, high-traffic load links, and links with great complexity.

The fixed network interception system seamlessly integrates a traffic distributor, filter, analyzer, and load balancer into a single device, offering highly adaptable and efficient solutions for data acquisition. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with a wide range of DPI tools.