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Why is mobile network interception used?

With the development of mobile internet from 4G to 5G, its network architecture has undergone significant evolution, which brings new challenges to the traffic analysis and interception systems based on the 4G architecture. As a long-term partner of operators, EmbedWay has supported various analysis, value-added systems, and legal interception capabilities in the 5G mobile internet perfectly after years of 5G network deployment practice.

What are the advantages?

Due to the virtualized architecture of the 5G core network, virtualized network elements no longer correspond one-to-one with physical devices. Therefore, the traffic collected on the network interface may contain traffic from multiple different network elements, and the same signaling data packet may be collected multiple times. To accurately analyze the data of each network element, it is necessary to quickly identify the traffic of each network element and remove duplicate collected data packets, in order to provide them to the analysis system.

In mobile network applications, there is a large amount of audio and video information, but most analysis systems find this information useless. The EmbedWay solution can accurately identify audio and video traffic and discard this useless traffic before forwarding it to the analysis system. This approach can significantly reduce the traffic that the analysis system needs to process, thereby improving the performance of the analysis system.

To enhance the precision and comprehensiveness of mobile internet data analysis, it is crucial to correlate data plane traffic and control plane traffic. This necessitates the utilization of hardware units with enhanced computing capabilities, thereby increasing device costs. The EmbedWay solution addresses this concern by employing cutting-edge high-performance hardware, resulting in improved cost-effectiveness. Consequently, better correlation performance can be achieved without incurring additional expenses. Furthermore, by filtering associated traffic based on user information like IMSI, targeted traffic can be extracted, further enhancing the overall performance of the business system.

The EmbedWay mobile network interception system is an inline deployment that effectively identifies and analyzes data using various parameters such as regions, individuals, blacklists, or applications. This advanced system enables authorized interception when required, ensuring the utmost mobile network security.